Sunday, August 26, 2012

Steph: A Picture is Worth a Million Words

I have so many absolutely hilarious photographs from the Mudathlon that we completed, I decided to do a pictorial race report.  My words just can not be as descriptive.  :)

Whine and Cheese Run Club Members Stephanie,
Habenero Cheddar, and Jill prepare to "fly" through
the obstacles.

Showing off our special super powers: drinking
from Captain Champagne, puffing an inhaler from the
Asthmatic Avenger, and eating from Goat Cheese Girl.

The entire group of superheroes that ran the race!
 Back Row:  The Mighty Mathematician, Asthmatic
Avenger, Goat Cheese Girl, & History Hawk.
Front Row:  The Guidance Guru and Captain Champagne

Stretching and Dancing at the starting line!
And we are off ...
First mud hill and mini mud pit!

WOW!!!  Look at that cape fly!!!!
Mighty Mathematician is DETERMINED!

The first time through the mud pit.  I fell and kicked the Mighty
Mathematician and almost took her down.  Then The Goat Cheese
Girl laughed so hard that she almost peed herself and History Hawk
also got in a good chuckle.

Once the shock of falling wore off ... I had to agree it was
pretty darn funny!

Right after I fell, so did Jill.  This is the two of us pulling ourselves
back together and putting on our masks to get back to business!

HIGH STEP - look at that determination- she didn't lose it the entire race!
HIGH STEP - Can you tell we are starting to get tired?????
FINAL MUD PIT:  Can you tell we are beyond tired ... it is about 2 hours after we started!

 SUPERHEROES never leave someone behind ... look at how we are
 helping each other out.   Isn't that sweet :) 

Crossing the Finish Line TOGETHER :)

Look at the cool beer opener medals we got :)



  1. I love, love, love this post (and your aliases/costumes)! It looks like you had a ton fun! :-)

  2. Great fun!I think you enjoyed every moment.Your costume designs are so nice.

  3. Thanks. The costumes were a blast to make. It took us a while to think of all the alliteration behind our names. But Jill was SUPER good at those. And we did have a ton of fun!!!