Friday, October 5, 2012

Steph: Little Runners

So ... Jill and I decided that the Color Run was so much fun that we wanted to run it again when it came to Cincinnati. 

And ... why not run it with her WAY adorable children?  They will love it, right?

So ... We signed up.

Then ... We decided it might be a good idea to practice.

So ... We met at a park.

Then ... our husbands decided to run with the stroller and little Miss Josie.

While ... Jill and I decided to jog/walk/jog/skip/walk with toddler Sidney.

Then .... we laughed A LOT because Saturday will be interesting.

My favorite moments:

#1.  This is how stroller bound Josie's face looked every time the boys passed us!
Check out the video!  Way funny.

Even though it was probably closer to:

#2.  And this is how I felt while "running" with Sydney:

Even though she looked this happy the entire time so it made it all worth it :)

Can't wait to run the Color Run tomorrow morning with both of these absolutley ADORABLE children!!!