Monday, July 30, 2012

Jill: Happy National Cheesecake Day

Around here we are always asking ourselves certain questions:
  • What's that you're eating?
  • Can I try a bite?
  • What are you drinking?
  • Can I try a sip?
  • Is that GOAT CHEESE???
  • Why the hell did we sign up for the Mudathalon?
  • Why the hell are we running instead of eating that GOAT CHEESE?
Today, though, we celebrate the ancient Greek who pondered the vexing question, How do we Improve Upon Cheese since it is Obviously the World's Most Perfect Food, and came up with this world-altering answer:  Make it into a Cake.  Brilliant.

That's right, folks.  Today is National Cheesecake Day.  On this day I am taking a moment to reflect upon all the times when cheesecake has come into my life and instantly made it better.  So thank you ancient Greek person.  Thank you person who decided every food needed it's own day of recognition.  I plan to celebrate with a slice, but from where?

Decisions, decisions.....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jill: On the Calendar

We have 2 races coming up.  Like official-I-have-already-signed-up-and-paid-for races.  I am woefully unprepared

July: The Color Run

Doing a Color Run was Stephanie's idea. The race website claims it is "The Happiest 5K on the Planet".  Hmmm.  Clearly this is false advertising since there will be no wine (or alcohol of any kind for that matter) or cheese involved with the official race.  What IS going to make this the Happiest 5K for us is that we have decided to travel to Louisville to do the Sunday race. And we are going down Saturday night for night out on the town. And staying in a free hotel.  With no husbands.  And no kids.  Which makes me very happy indeed, but also means that we may be walking this event, which makes me even happier since I am unprepared.  In fact, I think I've spent more time thinking about outfits than actually training.  We have given careful consideration to our white outfits which include white tube socks, shirts, possible head and wrist bands, and the crowing achievement of very fluffy homemade tutus:

Great work, Steph. My new goal is not to have severe chafing on my arms by the end of the race.

August: The Mudathalon

This fine idea was first proposed by SmokedGouda after our Jingle Bell 5K.  So we all signed up as a team, chose our start time, and paid.  Guess who is now too pregnant to slosh around in the mud next month?  That's right, Ms. Gouda won't be joining us on this adventure.  I suspect she will be lounging around at home in the air conditioning, laughing a Dr. Evil-type laugh as she thinks about the rest of us running and climbing through the mud in hellish hot weather. My only comfort is knowing that she won't have a glass of wine in her hand.

This might be the most ridiculous thing we've signed up for yet.  First, I have a major problem with the fact that this supposed to be a running race.  Let's do the math: 40 obstacles over 3.1 miles.  Although the obstacles are not evenly spaced, the math teacher in me still needs to point out that there will be about three obstacles for every quarter of a mile.  So really this is less about running and more about jogging to the next obstacle.  Second, the obstacles have names like Shifty Spools, Tunnel of Terror, Heaping Hay Bails, and Cricketed Creek Crossing.  None of these sound particularly enjoyable.  Did I mention that I am unprepared?  The silver lining of this race is simple:  Beer at the finish.  At this point, I am willing to overlook the absence of wine and cheese and be thankful for any alcoholic beverage. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jill: Maybe it's an Ohio Thing

It seems that I am not the only one struggling with motivation/weather/time this summer.  Our buddy, Viper, over at the Booze Hounds Inc. Running Team in Northeast Ohio, seems to be having similar issues.  If you get a minute, hop over to his blog and give him a little love.  He's actually a real runner. You know, one that trains for marathons and such.  Not like those of us around here who spend more time concerned with our next costume instead of the actual race. Either way, Ohio has not been a pleasant place to run this summer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Steph: Running the Mediterranean

So I just returned from a 17 day AMAZING trip to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia.  Twelve days of it was on a cruise through Royal Caribbean which went fabulously.  Three things opened my eyes a little about myself, both before and during the trip.

Thing #1:  Before even going on the cruise, I found myself planning runs while on vacation.  Yes, I just said those words.  I PLANNED to run and looked for the best possible days to do so while I was on the cruise. Then while we were on the cruise, I actually ran 4 different times for two to three miles each time.  Yes, 4 times in 12 days does NOT make me "serious" or "real" runner in my mind.  But, I do finally feel like it makes me a runner.  A plain, ordinary runner.  And that is the very FIRST time that I have ever admitted that.  To myself or others.

Thing #2:  I found running on the boat in the middle of the Mediterranean a little fun.  Yes, I just said fun.  I know, I know.  By now, if you have been following my blog entries, you just passed out on the floor.  I still say only a little fun though.  There came a point where my body went ... ok, you are done.  But until that point, I was enjoying running.  I even challenged myself a couple of times.  I usually run about a 12 minute mile which is set at speed 5 on a treadmill.  On two of my runs, I wanted to see what I could do, so I upped the speed.  Once I ran the middle mile of my run at 5.8.  Another time, I ran the middle mile at 6.0.  The other two runs I did were on the outdoor hanging track so I don't know what speed.  It was fun to challenge myself and see how fast/far I could go.   Also, I enjoyed jogging at other points too.  Like I chose to jog up the stairs in the cruise ship (racing Mike) instead of taking the elevators.  We took them only twice.  Once, when Athens almost killed me :) and the other was when we had our luggage.  I jogged up stairs in the cities and up hills and whenever else I could.  I actually found jogging up things was easier that walking them.  On the other hand, when you walk over 300 stairs to the top of the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral, there is definitely walking involved.

Thing #3 - I read a running book that my friend Abi recommended.  It was fabulous and made me completely understand the motivation behind ultra runners.  I am not one of those runners by any measure, but I now "get it" and I am completely jealous of their ability.  The book is called Born to Run and I highly recommend it.  The author tells one central story while meandering off on side stories that tell interesting historical facts.  It is difficult at times to follow, but I made it through and LOVED every second of the reading. It has made me open my eyes to WHY I should/shouldn't be running and what my body can really do if I let it.

So I had a great trip and at the same time grew as a runner.  Good times!

P.S.  I realized (thanks to Jill) that I forgot to add in some of the best parts of my trip.  Wine and cheese, of course.  So here are two of my FAVORITE pictures from the trip :)

Cheese and Olives in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Italian Beer and Prosecco Bellini
in Venice, Italy
(and husband Mike in the background!)

Jill: 2 Years From Now

We have 2 years to save our pennies in order to make the trip to Wisconsin for The World Championship Cheese Contest.  Every other year the event is held, and the best part?  There is a public tasting event.  The bad news?  Tickets are limited and sell out quickly.  Here's a recap of this year's event.  Yum.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jill: Summer of Suck

I had plans this summer.  Big plans.  Like training for a 10K and losing some more baby weight.  This is essentially how it has gone:

I'd like to give a specific shout out to the following factors that have helped contribute to the summer of suck:

Ridiculous Heat Waves

Recurring Calf Injury

Baby-Induced Sleep Deprivation

Still Scattered Post Partum & Breastfeeding Hormones

Motivation That Waxes and Wanes with the Moon

A YMCA Child Care Schedule that is Completely Opposite of my Children's Naps

Take that 110 degree temperatures

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SG: A little update

So, as some may have noticed I haven't posted in quite some time. I was able to run our Jingle Bell Run in December and shortly after fell off the face of the planet. No, I haven't given up or left my fellow drinkers  runners behind. I'm just pregnant,again! I was getting so discourage in December running all the time and not seeing my body loose the baby weight from my little girl (yeah it had only been 5 months) and then low and behold..... I found out we are expecting another little girl! No wonder that jiggle wasn't going any where!
Well no worries, over a few happy hours sobering girls nights I have made a commitment to start running again in March of next year to be ready for a 5k in May. Until then I just get to cheer from the side for Steph and Jill to drink run as fast as they can :)