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Who are these dedicated athletes, you ask?  We are a group of friends and co-workers who bond over food, drinks, work, and our mutual dislike of running as our major source of exercise.  We all came into this for different reasons and with different goals, but realized it would be a lot more tolerable and a ton more fun if we could do it together.  The blog was created as the place where we could keep tabs on each other, offer support and motivation (usually in the form of wine and/or cheese), and whine freely about our disdain for running.

Current blog contributors:

Jill: the black hole of the group because she sucked most of the others into it

Habanero Cheddar (a.k.a. Iron Lung): showing the asthmatics of the world that, yes, you too can run!

SmokedGouda: new wife and mommy, expert margarita maker, and lover of George Michael

Stephanie: lover of cats, wine, & cheese (actually food in general), hater of running, and total sucker when it comes to peer pressure


Q: What's with the cheese obsession?

A: We're not really sure. A few years ago we all shared the same lunch break (we're teachers).  Unlike some teachers who spend those oh-so-precious 30 minutes wallowing in negativity (did we mention that we teach in a high-poverty, low resources, urban district?), we prefer to spend the time doing the opposite: talking, laughing, and trying to regain some sanity. So the year we all had lunch together, we spent A LOT of time talking about food as we looked over each others' lunches.  For a few weeks the conversation would inevitably turn to cheese because, well, everyone loves cheese.  Eventually, someone noticed that we were always talking about cheese, and then, well, we just never stopped, partly because we really do love cheese but partly because we found it hysterical.

Q: What type of races do you run together?

A: We like races that start well after dawn, encourage the wearing of costumes, and involve any type of wine and cheese.  We also like races with lots of people so that our chances of being last are lower.

Q: What's this blog all about?

A: It's difficult for all of us to get together on a regular basis to run/train, so we started the blog as a place where we could "meet." It's meant to be the place where we can keep track of each other, offer support, and generally whine about how much we hate running.

Q: Are your sponsors real?

A: Nope. But we wish they were.

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