Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting back on track (literally)

*Cricket* *Cricket* Yes, I'm still alive, believe it or not. I have been gone from the running/whining/cheese world for some time, but I think I finally found my motivation to get back in the game.

Not sure when I last wrote on this blog but back in April I got engaged (don't worry he LOVES cheese as well, wouldn't work out if he didn't). You would think that would be motivation enough to start working out and getting ready for my big day but for some reason the motivation was not there.

Recently a competition at work started with a Biggest Loser concept. Just a friendly game to help motivate each other to keep off the pounds. This definitely sparked a fuse. Then the bomb in my face went off as I stepped on the scale. While I'm no where near my original weight, I've gained back some of the pounds I worked SO HARD to get off.

I'm ready to get back on track to get healthier but over all just to feel better about myself. After exercising last night and some this morning, I almost forgot how helpful it is mentally. Hopefully this in the beginning (again) to get where I need to be.