Monday, October 5, 2015

Jill: Music Monday

This pretty much sums up my Monday so far:

Our girls weekend away was super successful. There was a ton of food and wine, zip lining in the rain (thanks to Chase, Andrew, and Bayer from the Zipline Tour for a great time despite the rain), and good times spent in the hot tub at our cabin in Red River Gorge. I lost and then subsequently rescued my debit card after dropping it from the Skylift near Natural Bridge.  I ate so much food this weekend, from Mexican to the Red River Rockhouse (super awesome place--highly recommend) to Smashburger, that I feel (and probably look) like this:

I would normally say that I will feel better after a run or other workout this week, but my husband and I have been busy breeding superbacteria in our lungs. The result is that I have had an ongoing case of bronchitis that makes my lungs sound like I have been smoking like these two all of my life:

So while I can't run to these songs at the moment, I am eagerly looking forward to when I can breathe and run again. There's no particular reason why I picked these two songs other than the fact that they are currently collecting dust on my playlist.

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Best Day of my Life by American Authors

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